The National Science Foundation has just released a grant for IOMSs

 The National Science Foundation's (NSF) of the USA is launching its Convergence Accelerator annual research grants with the collaboration of two Swedish research agencies. This year is, however, special because there will be funds for projects related to Real-World Chemical Sensing Applications for the first time. Many funds, up to 750.000 dollars for 48 projects.

   This grant is offered to projects related to tools, technologies, and applications to address challenges in chemical sensing. In particular, this grant is focused on the following topics:

  • Development of biological and chemical sensor systems for environmental sensing and other applications. 
  • Creating benchmarks, standards, calibration techniques, training data sets, and data management and storage platforms. 
  • Development of algorithms for IOMSs

 This convergent research track topic was chosen based on the results of NSF-funded community workshops, such as Frontiers in Chemical Sensing: Synthetic, Neuromorphic and Cyborg Systems and Chemical Sensing with an Olfaction Analogue: High-dimensional, Bio-inspired Sensing and Computation.

   This grant is open to Non-USA organizations but only as subcontractors, as the lead institution must be from the US (or Sweden).

   For more info on this grant, visit the following website.

   Please note that there are some short deadlines, as the Letter of Intent (LOI) is due on July 11, 2023, and the full proposal is due on August 22, 2023. All deadlines are due at 5pm (Eastern Daylight Time).

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