resumen presentaciones   All the papers from this I International Conference on Environmental Odour Management, that took place in Madrid, Spain, have been published in the years 2012 and 2013.

   Here you have in just one document all the papers published beforehand. Be ready to expend hours and hours of fun! All the presentations are in Spanish with their videos and presentations, but some of them are in English. Enjoy it!

   The following list includes the links to the papers presented and published over almost a year. Unfortunately, most of them are in Spanish:

pictures I conference

Estas son las fotos de la I Conferencia sobre Olores en el Medio Ambiente celebrada el pasado mes de noviembre en Madrid. Haciendo clic en la foto puede ver la presentación correspondiente con todas las fotos.

Puede descargar las fotos a una resolución mayor pinchando en el icono Conferencia Olores 2012 (119) de cada foto.

Opening Ceremony of the first Conference of Environmental odour Management in SpanishThanks to all of you, we have finally made it happen and we are very happy about it. The First conference about Odour Management in the Environment has gathered the best experts in the Iberian Peninsula and also from the other side of the ocean in the latin-american countries and we have all enjoyed their experiences.

 This was the first time these issues were discussed in Spanish language at a scientific level and we hope we can repeat this event again.

      An approach towards the foundation of an Association was taken, but after some discussions, this step was considered not neccesary yet. However, the first Working Group about odour management in Spanish was set. A lesser scale than an Association, but it defines in any case some sort of "preliminary understanding".

 conference picture


   The speakers of the opening ceremony were the following:

  • Mr. Mariano González Sáez, General Director of Environmental Evaluation of the Regional Environment and Planning Ministry of Madrid.
  • Dr. Ton van Harreveld, Member of the International Association of  Applied Olfactometry (IAAO) and CEO of Odournet.
  • Dr. Patricio Reich Toloza, expert in odour Engineering and partner founder of The Synergy Group (TSG Chile)
  • Dr. Ignacio Valor Herencia. Director of Environmental Services and Internationa Business Development of Aqualogy.

   As a first appetizer, here you can see the video of the opening ceremony of the Conference (unfortunately in Spanish).  Enjoy it!




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